City Rain, Images by Bill Sosin

CITY RAIN,  Images by Bill Sosin
Early work shot from his car beginning in August of 2006.
Bill focused on rain drops falling on his car windows and created unique urban impressions of Chicago.

Proper Souls, Images by Bill Sosin

PROPER SOULS, Images by Bill Sosin
This book shows new rain images produced in 2012.
These images are inverted color captures.


RAIN WORK, Verticals. Images by Bill Sosin
Layered rain captures, 2014-15

WEATHER SPELL, New images by Bill Sosin
EBOOK NOT AVAILABLE. To arrive soon.


CHARREADA, Photographs by Andy Goodwin

Designed by Bill Sosin

Images from a Mexican rodeo.

THE SPACE WITHIN, Inside Great Chicago Buildings, Pomegranate

Written by Patrick F. Cannon, Photographed by James Caulfield

Design by Bill Sosin

• Winner of the GOLD AWARD in The (IPPY) Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2016. Architectural book of the year.

• James Caulfield and Patrick Cannon received a Chicago Authors award of recognition for their book, THE SPACE WITHIN: Inside Great Chicago Buildings. Bill Kurtis hosted the Chicago Public Library Foundation and Chicago Public Library's Carl Sandburg Literary Awards Dinner on Tuesday, October 9 at the UIC Forum. Notable guests included Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanual, Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner with the evening ending with a very spitited and humorous discussion hosted by NPR's Scott Simon as he interviewed awarded authors Judy Bloom and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Wow!

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THE FANTASTIC SEASHELL OF THE MIND, The Architecture of Mark Mills

By Janey Bennett

Designed by Bill Sosin

• Winner of the Silver Award in The (IPPY) Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2017.

• Winner of the PubWest Book Design Awards, 2018

* Winner Gold Award: NEXT GENERATION Indie books awards. MEMOIRS (Historical/Legacy/Career)

ORO Editions is pleased to announce that The Fantastic Seashell of the Mind, The Architecture of Mark Mills by Janey Bennett has been honored by the IPPY Awards with a SILVER medal.

From 1944 to 1948, Mark Mills apprenticed to Frank Lloyd Wright. When he heard Wright say that seashells are nature’s perfect architecture, Mark made that idea an element of his life’s work. As seashells shape themselves to meet the needs of their inhabitants, so Mark designed structural roof systems that sheltered his homes and framed the lives of the owners. An architectural engineer before he trained with Wright, Mark Mills blended structural principles with forms from nature to create his own visionary designs.


The IBPA celebrates vibrant independent publishers through the Benjamin Franklin Awards for excellence in book editorial and design and is one of the highest national honors for independent book publishers. Since 1996, the “IPPY” Awards have brought increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers.


NEXT GENERATION Indie Books Awards. MEMOIRS (Historical/Legacy/Career)

GOLD WINNER: The Fantastic Seashell of the Mind: the Architecture of Mark MillsMark Mills, an architect in Monterey, California, combined engineering know-how and love of natural forms to create innovative spaces. A solo practitioner, he developed his own principles after studying with Frank Lloyd Wright as a young man. Architectural historian Janey Bennett captures his genius in this beautifully illustrated biography.


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All books shown here were designed by Bill Sosin.


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